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Volkswagens of all types, like the Beetle and the Thing, as well as the Karmann Ghia and the Camper or the Cabriolet, bring smiles and fond memories to the minds of many people. If you are a VW fan I hope you will enjoy seeing the many vintage VW pictures featured in this section.

Development of the German VW can be traced back to the 1930s'.

Volkswagen added new models over the years. First there was the sedan that became popularly called the Beetle or Bug, then came the sunroof version plus the convertible and the first transporter vans.

Transporters evolved into a whole series of models as time passed the including the Kombi, the Camper and more.

In 1956 the sleek little Karmann Ghia coupe arrived. It was joined in 1958 by a sporty Karmann Ghia convertible. Having been a back seat passenger in an early 60s' K-G coupe many times as a youth I'm ok with saying that calling Karmann Ghia a 2+2 (passengers) car would is being generous. The +2 passengers had to be pretty small people to be comfortable.

In 1966 the familiar Beetle, Bus and Karmann Ghia were joined in the USA by the 1500, a larger car with boxier styling.

The larger Super Beetle came along later. The Super Beetle convertible was the last holdout for the Bug style VWs in the USA being imported until 1979.

The hobby of collecting and restoring vintage Volkswagens is popular with many folks.

Take some time as you cruise through these VW pictures and enjoy the memories or dreams you have of these little cars.

Then consider spending some time browsing through the other antique, classic and special interest collector car pictures here at

Most of these photos were taken at local classic car shows, which is always a great way to spend a day.

Here's a couple of VW clubs.

Volkswagen Club of America -
A national Club
It looks like if it's a Volkswagen it probably qualifies for this club.

Vintage Volkswagen Club of America VVCA
A national club for fans of vintage Volkswagens.


Photo Galleries

1959 and Earlier Volkswagen Pictures

1953 VW Beetle Sedan

1953 VW Beetle Split Window Sedan

1955 VW Beetle Convertible

1956 VW Beetle Sedan

1957 VW Beetle Sedan

1957 VW Customized Beetle Sedan

1960 - 1969 Volkswagen Pictures

1960 VW Beetle Convertible (Custom, V8)

1960 VW Dune Buggy

1960 VW Transporter

1961 VW Beetle Sedan

1962 VW Beetle (Custom Roadster)

1962 VW Beetle "Herbie" Sedan

1962 VW Beetle Convertible

1962 VW Double Cab w/Wood Side Rails

1963 VW Beetle Sedan

1963 VW Beetle Sedan with Sun Roof

1963 VW Beetle Convertible

1963 VW Crew Cab Pickup Truck

1964 VW Karmann Ghia Coupe

1964 VW Pickup

1965 VW Beetle Sedan

1965 VW Bus

1966 VW Convertible (Suicide doors)

1966 VW Camper

1966 VW Bus

1967 VW Beetle Sedan

1967 VW Bus (with Safari Windshield)

1968 VW Beetle Sedan

1969 VW Beetle Sedan

1969 VW Beetle Custom Roadster

1969 VW Baja Bug

1970 - 1979 Volkswagen Pictures

1970 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible

1970 VW Beetle (Custom Coupe, very nice)

1970 VW Beetle Sedan (Custom)

1970 VW Camper

1970 VW Dune Buggy

1971 VW Beetle Sedan - Customized

1971 VW Super Beetle Sedan

1971 VW Camper

1972 VW Beetle Sedan

1973 VW Beetle Convertible

1973 VW Super Beetle Sedan - "40 Ford"

1973 VW Thing

1974 VW Thing

1974 VW Thing - Surrey top

1974 VW Super Beetle Sedan

1974 VW Beetle Standard Sedan

1974 VW VW karmann Ghia Coupe

1975 VW Super Beetle Convertible

1976 VW Beetle Convertible

1976 VW Westfalia Camper

1978 VW Beetle Convertible

1980 and Later Volkswagen Pictures

1981 VW Rabbit Pickup Truck (V8, custom)

1992 VW Corrado


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