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1962 Studebaker Lark Daytona Convertible

The Daytona was the top of the Studebaker Lark line in 1962. This convertible has the V8 emblem on the trunk lid that tells us there is a 259.6 c.i.d., 180hp V8 under the hood.

Daytonas were available with a either a six cylinder or a V8 engine. There was also a choice of transmissions, a 3speed column mounted shifter was standard. A 3 speed overdrive and a Flightomatic automatic were optional on Daytonas.

A Daytona convertible was the Pace Car at the 1962 Indy 500 race.

This is one of the antique cars and trucks we saw at the 2009 Studebaker Drivers Club National Meet in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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The spear shped side trim was a identified the Daytona and Cruiser series cars.

A large V8 badge rides on the trailing edge of thew trunk lid. This is essentially the same style badge that


We don't own these cars, we just saw them at car shows and snapped a few photos.

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