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1954 Studebaker Commander Starlight Coupe

In the 1954 Studebaker three sub series were available in the Champion series, they were the Deluxe, Regal, and the Land Cruiser.

The Starlite 2 door coupe was available in both Deluxe and Regal trim. The Deluxe version, like the one shown here, had a narrow bright metal trim around the windshield. The Regal version had wide trim that wrapped the whole windshield pillar..

Commanders were powered by a 232 .i.d. V8 engine that developed 127hp.

On V8 cars the V on the hood and rear deck intersected an 8, on 6 cylinder cars the V intersected an S.

Starlights and Starliners rode on a 120.5 inch wheelbase and had an overall length of 202 inches.

I saw this car and took the photo(s) on this page at the 5th Annual International Orphan Car Show in Branson, Missouri, September of 2000.

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