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1917 Pan Model 250 Touring Car

It isn't often that you come across a truely rare survivor antique auto, this is one of those times. This is the only Pan Model 250 known to exist.

It has taken several years to get the car back to the shape you see it in here

More of the story behind the discovery of this 1917 Model 250 Pan can be read at the "Pantowners" St. Cloud Antique Auto Club website.

The Model 250 was an "assembled car", meaning it was built from parts from other firms, a common practice at the time. It was even assembled by a different company. It pretty much was to serve as a way to drag in some cash while the real Pan cars and the factory to build them in were still in the design phase. Those later Pan cars were built in St. Cloud, MN. The name Pantowners attached to the club comes from the name of the company housing project.

The Pan Towners: Antique Auto Club holds a large Car Show & Swap Meet every year in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

The photos on this page were sent to me by the St. Cloud Antique Auto Club webmaster.

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1919 Pan Touring Car

1919 Pan Touring Car


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