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1950 Ford Deluxe Two Door sedan

This 1950 Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedan shows how little the design changed from new that of 1949.

The relocated parking lights being the most visually obvious change. There was a minor change in the side trim on the Custom Deluxe models.

The simple but elegant hood ornament continued to use a plastic crest piece. On the front of the hood a Ford emblem now appeared above the single bullet in the grille. A similar emblem appeared on the trunk lid.

The gas filler was now located behind a door on the driver side rear fender.

This was one of the cars we saw at the Mods and Rods Show at the Ellingson Car Museum in Rogers, MN., August 2, 2003.

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1950 Ford Custom DeLuxe two Door Sedan, front view.


We don't own these cars, we just saw them at car shows and snapped a few photos.

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