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1967 Ford Thunderbird

The 1967 Ford Thunderbird received a completely new body.

The Hardtop was the base 67 T-Bird. The rear quarter windows slid back into the wide roof support panel instead of rolling down.

Headlights were hidden behind doors at each side of the grille. The blackout grille stretched completely across the what appeared to be large air scoop protruding a few inches from the leading edge of the front fenders.

In back the taillight spaned the entired width of the car. A trim strip stretched nearly from one side to the other with-in the taillight.

Backup lights were placed towards the ends of the trim strip.

Two door 67 Thunderbirds rode on a wheelbase of about 115 inch and had an overall length of 206.9 inches.

Engines included a standard 390 c.i.d. V8 and an option 428 c.i.d. V8.

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Front view, 1967 Thunderbird coupe
Front view, 1967 Thunderbird coupe

Rear view, 1967 Thunderbird coupe
Rear view, 1967 Thunderbird coupe


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