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Kissel Motor Car Company

Probably the most famous cars built by Kissel were the Gold Bug Speedsters which were popular with some celebrities, including Amelia Earhart.
Louis Kissel and his sons, George and William, started the Kissel Motor Car Company in Hartford, Wisconsin. in June of 1906.

Production of the 1907 models began in 1906. Production of Kissels continued until 1930, a few of the last cars built were 1931 models.

Before 1919 the cars were called Kissel Kars, but beginning in 1919 the term Kar was dropped.

Most of these photos were taken at local classic car shows, which is always a great way to spend a day.

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Antique & Classic Kissel Pictures

1909 Kissel Kar

1919 Kissel Roadster

1920 Kissel Speedster

1925 Kissel Goldbug Speedster

1925 Kissel Goldbug Speedster

1927 Kissel Goldbug

1927 Kissel Sedan

1928 Kissel Sedan

1929 Kissel Sedan


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