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The flathead V8 engine showed up under the hood of some 1932 Ford models. With 221 cubic inches it provided a boost to 65 horsepower. Production of Ford Roadster and Phaeton models saw the end of production in the 1930s.

1936 Ford

1936 Ford
Convertible Sedan
Research Project

These photos of this great looking 1936 Ford Convertible Sedan are courtesy of Al Casteen who operates the website.

In 1936 Ford built a convertible sedan in two versions, starting with a slant-back and switching to a trunk back during the model year.

Al is researching the history of the 36 Ford Convertible Sedan to determine which was the first trunk-back convertible sedan built.

With the help of many fellow Early V8 Club members, and many other 36 convertible sedan owners, he has made quite a bit of progress on this project, but still is looking for more information to narrow this down as much as possible.

If you have a 1936 Ford convertible sedan, or any information that could help with this project please contact Al through the website.

He also has a nice collection of photos of these cars on his website, so please check it out and help if you can.

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