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The Ford Model T had already been in production for 12 years when 1920 came around, and it would continue for 7 or so more years. That was followed by a rather long break in production while Ford designed the Model A and got he factories ready to build it.

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Ford | Ford 1920 - 1929

1920 - 1929 Ford Car and Truck Pictures

1920 Ford Model T Touring Car

1920 Ford Center Door Sedan

1921 Ford Huckster

1921 Ford Center Door Sedan

1922 Ford Model T Touring Car

1922 Ford Delivery Truck

1922 Ford Depot Hack

1923 Ford Touring Car

1923 Ford Center Door Sedan

1923 Ford Runabout

1923 Ford Model T Pie Wagon

1924 Ford Model T Touring Car

1924 Ford Model T Tudor

1924 Model T Runabout

1925 Ford Model T Coupe

1925 Ford Model T Fordor Sedan

1926 Ford Model T Flatbed Truck

1926 Ford Model T Coupe

1926 Ford Model T Roadster Pickup Truck

1926 Ford Model T Depot Hack

1926 Ford Model T Fordor

1926 Ford Touring Car

1927 Ford Model T Roadster

1927 Ford Tudor Sedan

1928 Ford Model A Business Coupe

1928 Ford Model A Pickup Truck

1929 Ford Model A Coupe

1929 Ford Model A Two Door Sedan

1929 Ford Model A Pickup Truck

1929 Ford Model A Station Wagon Woody


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