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Beginning with the 1912 models Chevrolet has been building cars for more than a century now. For all of that time Chevrolet has been one of the top selling cars in the USA.

Chevrolet was the brain child of William (Billy) Durant who been ousted as from his leadship position at GM in 1910. Building on the success of Chevrolet, and the cash it generated, Durant was back in power at GM by the end of 1915.

Chevrolet was named after Louis Chevrolet, a famous race driver of the time. Though he had help develop the Chevrolet cars, by 1914 Louis Chevrolet had left the company and had moved on to other ventures.

The mid 1930's brought major advancements in steel stamping allowing for one piece seel roofs.

Like all US auto makers, production of civilian cars and trucks was suspended from 1942 to 1945 so the companies could build vehicles for the US military during WW II.

The fifties brought us some of the most popular Chevys, often refered to as the "Tri-Five" years of 1955 - 1957, as well as the new 1953 Corvette.

The muscle cars of the 60's were joined by the Mustang fighting Camaro in 1967.

You can find Chevy cars and trucks from 1912 to well into the 2000s in these pictures of classic Chevrolet cars and trucks.

Most of these photos were taken at local classic car shows, which is always a great way to spend a day.

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1919 and Earlier Chevrolet Car and Truck Pictures

1912 Chevy Little Four

1914 Chevy Touring Car

1915 Chevy Touring Car

1915 Chevy Roadster

1918 Chevy Touring Car


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