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1963 Chevy Corvette
Sting Ray

All 1963 Corvette Sting Rays, like this convertible, had two large grille like vents on the hood.

These were recessed a the front edge. The sharp edge, on the front and rear of the 63 Vette, continued as a beltline on the sides. The front fenders held two vent like scoops.

The interior was fitted a new dual arch dash, one arch held the main instrument panel and the other held the glove box. Vent windows now appeaed on the doors, and the windshield pillars slope toward the rear.

While the back of the car was similar to the 1962 model, the trunklid was gone. The luggage area was now accessed through the passenger compartment.

This is another cool antique car I saw and photographed at the 2001 Show of Wheels Car Show in Hutchinson, MN.

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1963 Chevy Corvette Convertible


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