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1957 Studebaker Silver Hawk

The 1957 Studebaker Silver Hawk pillared coupe had the same rear fender fins as the Golden Hawk, but different trim and paint scheme.

Silver Hawks were available in all three series for 1957, Champion, Commander and President. The differences were trim and engines. In the Champion and Commander series, Silver Hawks came as both coupes and two door hardtops.

Depending on the series, engines ranged from a six or one of two V8s. Transmissions included a 3 speed manual, 3 speed manual with overdrive, or a Flightomatic automatic.

In the President series they came only as a coupe, with the Golden Hawk being a hardtop.

This is one of the antique cars and trucks we saw at the 2009 Studebaker Drivers Club National Meet in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Round taillights sat below the fins and above round backup lights on the rear fenders.

The front turn signals were placed in a chrome housing on top of the fenders.

An engine turned panel went all the way across the dashboard.

The V8 engine badge sat in a set of crossed flags just ahead of the door and below the Studebaker name on each front fender.


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