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1973 Plymouth Road Runner

This 1973 Plymouth Road Runner stands out for a couple reasons. First the Mist Green color was offered only in 1973.

Secondly it has a three speed manual transmission with a floor mounted shift. Both of which are pretty uncommon. The engine is a 318 cubic inch, 170hp V8.

Dual exhausts were standard equipment, as were the Rally Wheels shown below.

This car has no power steering, power brakes or A/C. A bench seat was standard in the 1973 Road Runner. Front and rear sway bars and heavy duty suspension were also standard equipment.

The rally stripe flowed from the tip of the front fenders back just below the window line then up and across the roof just behind the rear side windows returning to the front tip of the opposite fender. The section running across the roof was broken up in a dashed patter.

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1973 Plymouth Road Runner, front view.

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The collector car pictures shown on this page were taken at the Minnesota Valley Car show and Swap Meet held at Raceway Park in Shakopee, MN., September 13, 2003


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