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1962 Daf
750 Deluxe

The Daf 750 DeLuxe was produced from 1961 to 1963 in Eindhoven, Holland and
23,045 of these cars were sold (including the standard version).

The car is powered by a 745 cc (about 46 cid) 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine which
produces 30 hp @ 4000 rpm. Maximum speed is 105 kph (about 65 mph).

Variomatic Transmission
A speciality of all Daf cars was the standard automatic transmission, very unusual for an European car. This transmission was named "Variomatic" and
was an early version of the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system
which is getting quite popular these days.

Believe it or not, but some of these cars were actually exported to the US
(mainly the New York area).

Daf made cars from 1959 till 1975 when Volvo acquired the Daf luxury car factory. Daf continued to make the trucks for which they are best known and is now part of the American Paccar concern (of Kenworth and Peterbilt fame).

The photos, and information about the Daf, are courtesy of Andre Ritzinger, who took the pictures at the Nationale Oldtimerdag car show in Lelystad, Holland on June 15, 2003. You can see a wide variety of interesting cars on his website at

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1962 Daf 750 Deluxe, front view
1962 Daf 750 Deluxe, rear view


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