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1932 Auburn
8-100A Sedan

This 1932 Auburn four door sedan is still cruising after more tha 70 years!

It is a model 8-100A. The 8-100 means it is the 8 cylinder 100 horsepower model.

The A signifies that it is a custom model which added things like the Columbia dual ratio rear axle, ride control and chrome headlights and chrome taillight.

The factory price of the custom model four door sedan in early 1932 was advertised as $1,145.

There were 11,347 Auburns shipped from the factory for the 1932 calendar year.

All except the 7 passenger sedan had a 127" wheelbase, freewheeling, Bijur chassis lubricating system, and it was the first year for the Startix (a feature to automatically start the engine whenever the ignition was turned on ).

Most 1932 Auburns came with the Lycoming 8 cylinder engine (268.6 cubic inch displacement which was rated at 100 horsepower @ 3,400 rpm), most also had Midland steeldraulic brakes.

Auburn also had a 12 cylinder engine and some models had hydraulic brakes.

This is one of the many great antique and classic cars and trucks we saw and snapped photos of at the 2002 ACD Festival in Auburn, IN.

Note: Thanks to the owner of this car for providing this information.


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Front view, 1932 Auburn 8-100 sedan


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