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1968 AMC AMX

The 1968 AMC AMX 2 passenger sport coupe was more or less based on a shortened, version of the sporty 4 passenger Javelin pony car.

The only other mass produced 2 passenger sports coupe built in the USA at the time was the Corvette.

While the base AMX engine was a 290 c.i.d. V8, engines as large as a 315hp, 390 c.i.d. V8 were available.

A four speed manual transmission with a floor shifter was standard equipment. The AMX came with bucket seats.

The AMX rode on a 97 inch wheelbase and was only about 117 inches long overall.

This is one of the antique and classic cars and trucks at the Friday Night Cruise-In during the annual ACD Festival, Auburn, IN which was held August 30 - September 3 in 2007.

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Front view, 1968 AMC AMX

Rear view, 1968 AMX


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