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The DeSoto first went on sale in early August, 1928 as a 1929 model. With over 62,000 built in the first model year it was an unqualified success.

DeSoto fit into the Chrysler family between Chrysler and the recently acquired Dodge brand.

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When the radical new Airflow design was introduced in 1934 there was no fall back old style designs at DeSoto, the Airflow was it and it didn't sell well. Model year production fell from a 1933 level of about 22,700 to just under 14,000 in 1934.

The 1935 Airflow was given a just slightly more conventional hood and grille and there was also a more conventionally styled companion series, called the Airstream, all of which led model year production to shoot back up to about 27,600.

We've got photos of DeSotos as far back as a 1929 Roadster, and as late as the 1961 model.

In between are some interesting cars, like the mid thirties Airflow and the high performance Adventurers of the mid and late fifties.

Most of these DeSoto photos were taken at Antique or Classic Car Shows, which is always a great way to spend a day.

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Antique & Classic DeSoto Pictures

1929 - 1939

1929 DeSoto Roadster

1929 DeSoto Sedan

1931 DeSoto Rumble Seat Coupe

1934 DeSoto Airflow Sedan

1935 DeSoto Airflow Sedan

1936 DeSoto Airflow Sedan

1936 DeSoto Airstream Coupe

1937 DeSoto

1938 DeSoto Convertible

1939 DeSoto

1940 - 1949

1940 DeSoto

1941 DeSoto

1946 DeSoto Coupe

1948 DeSoto Convertible

1949 DeSoto Deluxe Club Coupe

1949 DeSoto Station Wagon

1949 DeSoto Custom Coupe

1950 - 1959

1950 DeSoto

1950 DeSoto

1951 DeSoto Sportsamn Two Door Hardtop

1953 DeSoto

1953 DeSoto

1954 DeSoto

1955 DeSoto Fireflite Two Door Hardtop

1956 DeSoto Firedome

1956 DeSoto Fireflite

1956 DeSoto Sedan

1957 DeSoto Firesweep Four Door Sedan

1957 DeSoto Adventurer

1958 DeSoto

1958 DeSoto Memphian Amnulance

1959 DeSoto Sportsman Four Door Hardtop

1960 - 1961

1960 DeSoto Adventure Four Door Sedan

1960 DeSoto Adventure Four Door Hardtop

1960 DeSoto 2 Door Hardtop

1961 DeSoto Four Door Hardtop

1961 DeSoto 2 Door Hardtop


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